Food & Dairy Testing

Certified Milk, Dairy, & Food Laboratory

Working as a partner with farmers and processors, Certified National Analytics Laboratory (CNA) has set the standards for high quality food and dairy laboratory testing.  Following strict global testing requirements to ensure that milk and dairy products are among the world’s safest foods; testing not only for contaminants, pasteurization and sterility levels in the milk, but for sanitation levels of processing equipment as well.

CNA has been providing microbiology services to food processors, dairy, beverage, agriculture, industry suppliers, institutions, and private individuals.

We generate accurate results performed in accordance with strict quality control standards New York Agriculture and Markets, FDA, USDA, AOAC, EPA and other methodologies with fast turnaround times.

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CNA Lab is certified by New York Agriculture & Markets for Milk and Food

High quality laboratory testing to provide you with fast, accurate results.
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Food Microbiology and Dairy Testing

CNA offers full food microbiology testing:

Food Pathogens:

  • Coliform Group Bacteria (Coliform Bacteria, Total, and E.coli)
  • E.coli 0157:H7
  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • Coagulase Positive Staphylococci
  • Generic E.coli
  • Environmental Testing Sponge available for needs of food processors.

Spoilage Microorganisms:

  • Heterotrophic (Standard or Anerobic) Plate Count
  • Yeast & Mold
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria

Product Characterization Services:

  • Antibiotic Milk Testing (Cows, Sheep, & Goat Milk)
  • Somatic Cell Count (SCC)
  • Percent Fat (via Mojonnier Ether Extraction)(Gerber)
  • Container Sterilization Rinse Test
  • Taste, Odor & Appearance
  • Brix
  • Stress Test/ Shelf Life Testing
  • Laboratory Pasteurization HPC
  • Pipettor and Thermometer Calibration
  • Sediment Testing
  • MPN Sweet Water Testing
  • Phosphatase Testing

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