Non Potable Water Testing

Certified Water Testing Laboratory

CNA is fully equipped to handle all of your non-potable microbiological water testing needs. Whether it’s process water for your facility, lake or storm water, CNA is ready to assist with your monitoring requirements.

CNA’s technical staff can also assist you to develop sampling schedules to meet county and State requirements.

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CNA Lab is a certified non-potable microbiological water testing laboratory

High quality laboratory testing to provide you with fast, accurate results.
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Non Potable Water Chemistry & Microbiology

Wastewater Testing to Meet Municipal & State Discharge Specification

  • BOD’s, TSS, TS, Oil & Grease, pH and other typical parameters
  • Metals and Non-Metals via¬†Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
  • Priority Pollutants, Organics
  • Phenol, Detergents (MBAS)
  • Traditional wet chemistries
  • Field sampling services
  • Composite Sampling
  • Grab Sampling

Environmental Waters

  • Public beaches
  • Lakes & ponds
  • Swimming pools
  • Detection of human and animal waste in water
  • Evaporative cooling towers
  • Leachate

Non-Potable Water Microbiology

  • Coliform Group Bacteria (Total, E.coli & Fecal Coliform)
    Enumerative via Membrane Filter
    Most Probable Number (MPN)
  • Fecal Streptococci
    Enumerative via Membrane Filter
    Most Probable Number (MPN)
  • Heterotrophic (Standard or Aerobic) Plate Count
    Enumerative via Direct Plating
  • Legionella Group Bacteria