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Legionella Testing Kit


Our legionella test kits are designed for collecting all types of waters including cooling towers, domestic hot and cold water systems, showers, water fixtures and many more applications where Legionella bacteria presents a risk to safety and health.

Please see all legionella sampling procedures below.  Legionella samples must be tested within 48 hours of sampling/collection time.  Result time is around 10 to 14 days as legionella is a slow growing bacteria.

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Product Description

Legionella Sampling Kit and Directions

This kit contains:

1. Sterile sample bottles

2. Ice packs – please freeze prior to shipping back

3. Chain of Custody – please fill out completely Chain of Custody.pdf


1. Handle bottles aseptically. Do not touch the bottle or the lid

2. Fill out all labels completely including date, time and specific sample location

3. Take the samples early and ship them to us that same day. All samples should be HOT WATER. Isolate mixing valves on automatic faucets to deliver hot water only during sampling process.


Potable Water Testing:

Turn on hot water and immediately fill bottle.


Hot Water Storage Tanks:

Open the drain valve at base of heater and immediately fill bottle.


Cooling Towers:

Submerge open bottle just under the surface and collect 250 (or 100) ml of sample.


4. Ship samples overnight to arrive during the normal work week.

5. Be sure to include the frozen ice packs in the insulated shipping container.

6. Place the chain of custody form inside a zip lock bag to protect against water damage.

7. Fill sample bottles to the 250 ml (or 100ml if you have a smaller bottle) or a little higher. Do not fill to the top as we need to shake the samples properly before beginning the analysis.

8. Please write emergency and off hours contact phone numbers and names on the chain of custody.

The analyses will take ten to fourteen days to complete. As the results begin to develop we may send you a partial report if partial reports are noted.
Send sample to:

CNA Environmental, LLC,

27 Kent Street Suite 102

Ballston Spa, New York 12020

Please call the lab at (518)884-0800 if you have any questions.